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Becky and Gilb go Far Out There
Hey, remember those comics I did about that girl and her pet alien?  Well, not only is there another chapter currently sitting on Patreon, but there's a special, non-canon crossover with my other comic Far Out There going on right now!  New pages are debuting as Voting Incentives on Top WebComics, but older pages are going live on Far Out There's Incentive & Patreon Gallery a few weeks later.  I think it's turning out pretty neat, so be sure to check it out!

...also, WOW that's a lot of links.
Tabitha's goggles
An experiment with animation I did as a Voting Inventive for Far Out There

...and I guess now it's also an experiment with posting this kind of image on dA
Mankind Gatomon
...and then I drew Gatomon dressed up as Mankind because... I have no idea, really.

(a really, REALLY random bit of filler art I drew for Conventional Wisdom and decided to color)
This is, like, two-thirds of my problems with Digimon Tri all rolled up into a single comic.  It's for the Digimon Tri panel at Otakon!

(Oh hey, I should've been posting links to Conventional Wisdom with these, shouldn't I?)


Simon Ladd
United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Psychedelic, Indie, British Invasion
Personal Quote: "It takes an idiot to do cool things, that's what makes it cool"
So here's the deal, I basically never write Journal entries except to explain why I don't write journal entries.  If I know this thing is going to say the exact same thing for ages and ages, I might as well use it to make up for the OTHER thing I suck at: responding to personal messages and comments in a timely fashion (or at all).  Thus, here are my standard answers to all the standard questions/comments/requests I've gotten, right here whenever you need 'em!

Hey, that new picture you posted is really great!  I love it!

Hey, that new picture you posted really sucks.  I hate it.

Do you do requests/art trades/commissions?
Sadly, no.  I've tried in the past, but the blunt truth is that I SUCK at time management.  Just getting my own projects done on time is a constant struggle, let alone stuff that someone else asked for unexpectedly.  Every time I've tried, the requested stuff just doesn't get done, and that's bad.  Sure, I'd LIKE to do more stuff for other people, the added exposure would be terrific.  But there's lots of stuff I'd LIKE that just don't happen.  So, no requests or whatever.  Sorry.

Can I use your picture for _____?
Whatever it is, go for it!  I know some people get really uptight about others using their artwork in ways outside their control, but I'm not one of them.  (If I was, I wouldn't go posting my stuff all over the Internet to begin with)  I mean, I'd LIKE anybody who posts a picture of mine elsewhere to mention who originally drew it, but I won't loose any sleep if you don't.  Basically, as long as you're not slapping my art onto a sea of merchandising and making millions of dollars for yourself, I don't care... and if you think you're gonna make millions of MY crappy doodles, I just feel sorry for you.

Can I get some feedback on this thing I did?
Um... Could you ask somebody else?  I'm too much of a "if you're doing what you wanna do, who cares?" kind of guy to have much in the way of constructive feedback.  The exception is when i'm so invested in something that it sparks fanboy ranting, but then you wouldn't have to ask me about it in the first place (heck, you'd have to ask me to STOP)

Can I draw one of the characters from your webcomics?
HECK YES. Fanart is one of the most awesome creations in human history.  MAKE SOME OF IT!!!  DO THAT THING!

Uh, my fanart was going to have some *insert NSFW thing here* Is that okay?
This is another one of those "If I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't put my stuff in the Internet" things.  I'd be happy to go the rest of my life without thinking about somebody else getting off to one of my creations, but if it's gonna happen, I know better than to think I can stop it with some disclaimer.  Actually, I have this paranoid fear that some troll might commission some rule 34 of my stuff specifically because I dared to say you couldn't (stranger things have happened on the web)  So if you MUST, knock yourself out.  Just keep it someplace where I don't have to look at it, 'kay?

Could YOU draw *insert NSFW thing here*?

Wait, you draw webcomics?
Yup, Far Out There and Conventional Wisdom. A pretty good chunk of the stuff in my gallery comes from one or the other.

When are you gong to do more of that comic with the cute alien?
Uh, yeah... probably shouldn't have ended that last one on a cliffhanger, huh?  Believe me, I WANT to do more, but it's another matter of me already having too many things that aren't getting finished on time.  BUT ONE DAY, WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, THERE WILL BE MORE.

Are you going to be at *insert convention here*?
Generally speaking, I only go to cons in the Southeastern US, and then only ones that my friends are also going to.  Aside from the fact that I can neither afford to travel on my own nor successfully put together any kind of plan on my own, my main reason for going to cons is so I can run around and find things to draw comics about.  Thus, I can really only do cons if there's people I trust around to watch my junk while I'm roaming the floor.  The side effect of this is that my con plans are often in a state of flux, since they depend so much on other people's plans, so it's hard to keep one of those "My Convention List For This Year" things.  Basically, just watch Conventional Wisdom's Facebook page for convention news when I know something.

Hey, I'm going to *insert convention here*, wanna come with me?
Thanks, but I've made it a policy to only travel to/room at cons with people I already know really well (or, at least, can be vouched for by people I already know really well)  It just cuts down on the drama by a factor of LOTS.

Why am I even mention that here?  That's, like, the one topic that's SURE to get a direct response from me in a timely fashion!

Well, that's everything I can think of.  Anything else that's not coming to mind probably doesn't get asked often enough to warrant inclusion here, so I'll wrap it up.  You now know ALL THE ANSWERS EVER.
  • Listening to: The Beatles
  • Watching: MST3k
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale


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